Welcome to Skelosaurus

Learn about Skelosaurus application, what it does, and how it helps content writers validate documentaton navigation and topic outline. It helps structure a Docusaurus-powered site and eliminates the "now-what?" feeling content writers experience when starting a documentation project.

Skelosaurus is a tool that creates a documentation skeleton for Docusaurus-powered sites. A documentation skeleton has the files, titles, and headers you want in your documentation. What you must provide is the actual content under each header, such as text, list, images, admonitions, tables, etc. Having a documentation skeleton ready gives a tremendous productivity bust to content development team.

What does Skelosaurus do?#

Skeleton takes an outline file with documentation sidebar outline and generates Docusaurus-compatible files: Markdown .md documentation files for each topic and a sidebar description file. Use the resulting files with Docusaurus to create a documentation side.

Essential Skelosaurus features#

Skelosaurus supports content development teams with powerful features, including:

  • Quick documentation skeleton -- Skelosaurus creates all documentation files and sidebar design file so you don't have to worry about tens of documents, folders, and navigation.
  • Create documentation folders -- use outline tag to create a folder for selected parent item.
  • Include headers in a topic -- with an outline tag you you specify headers and subheaders in your topic.
  • Create content placeholders -- automatically have a paragraph in each topic. Have a paragraph after each header in a topic. Add your own paragraph with an outline tag.
  • Don't worry about minutia -- things you must consider when creating documentation files manually (filename, id, title, sidebar_label), Skelosaurus creates automatically. Outline tags allow you to provide a custom topic title and id.